Entrepreneurs, specifically small business boot-strapping entrepreneurs, survive in a “Man vs Wild” world.  Self sacrifice, Top Ramien, collection agencies, etc.  This is the world we live in.  This is also diametrically opposed to the needs of family.

The only reason why my marriage works is because my wife married me knowing that I was starting a business.  Even with full upfront knowledge there are still late night calls to the cell phone and business phone trying to find out when I’ll be home.

The demands of family come in 2 forms: Time and Money.  Time is the asset I’d like to explore today.

Time is so extremely important to the entrepreneur.  In many cases sweat equity is the only type of equity we have.   Our biggest issue at times, is learning how to manage that time.  How much time do we allocate to collections, phone messages, advertising, cold calls, staffing…. and family.  You cannot forget to factor in the time demands of family when going into business.

Topics to cover:

  1. Mental Health and Stress
  2. The needs… demands… family places on you
  3. Undertaking entrepreneurship under the right situation.  Know what you’re getting into.