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To date the hardest aspect of owning my own business has been learning how to be the Boss.  Managing employees, providing firm but fair feedback, getting them to understand my vision, just staying on top of them to do their jobs.

And what have I learned? People cannot read my mind.  You have to be clear and concise with your direction.  Say it, write it down, have them sign it, then follow up to make sure it’s done.  It’s a never ending roller coaster ride of providing direction, ensuring it gets done, and giving feedback.  A teeter totter of micro-managing and hands-off trust.

Looking back, I initially believed employees would inherently do their jobs. How cutely naive of me.  I also believed they would do more than their jobs if it was called for.  Why?  Because it’s the right thing to do, that’s what I would do.  It was immediately clear I was wrong and I needed to become a better communicator.  Giving specific direction, specific feedback.

As owner, so go I so goes the business.  Things won’t change on their own.   You have to be the catalyst for any change that you want to see in your business.

However, even this proved to not be enough.  While I had gotten better at saying what I wanted and communicating what needed to be changed or fixed, often times there was no change.  Lip service, a nod, a hollow promise.  Follow up and over-site are absolute requirements.

I’ve heard it described as, “You – as owner – must be present at your business.”  There are very few turn-key business in this world.  They must be managed, groomed, constantly looked after.  Once direction is given, ensure the are followed through to completion.

This continues until you pass the torch to a qualified competent manager.  I look forward to that day.