cpa-adviceI’ve dealt intimately with only two CPA’s during my journey.  Both operated equal part tax adviser, accountant, financial planner, and personal psychologist.  The level of involvement and probing into my personal life always took me off guard.  I think this is because if I’m not successful – mentally and emotionally – they lose a client.  It’s in their interest that I make a lot of money.  Problems in my personal life can be just as devastating as a poor marketing plan.  Here are 3 pieces of relationship advise that my CPA repeats to my brother and I every time we see him:

1. If you want to be rich, don’t get a divorce.
This seems self explanatory but there is beauty in it’s bluntness.  Packed into this sentence is politics, law, financial planning but also personal priority advice, time management consideration, work/life balance challenges. I came in for my taxes and left thinking about my life goals and purpose!

2. It’s cheaper to higher a babysitter than pay for a divorce.
This is my wife’s favorite and one that she reminds me about often.  Again, businesses, jobs, and investments are a means to an end.  The journey is crazy and stressful but if you neglect your personal life it can absolutely have a devastating effect on your business life.  Keep in mind, I write this as much for myself as I do for my dear readers.

3. (For the single entrepreneurs) It’s just as easy to marry some one making $ 20k a year as it is $ 70k a year.
While I haven’t personally had to deal with this one, many of my peers struggle with finding “the one.”  In their struggle, there’s a temptation to settle.  The financial consequences of getting married are massive – a given.  You wouldn’t give up on your business, don’t give in to the temptation to settle for a pretty smile with a dead-end job in your personal life.  Your life partner is also your business partner.  Their job, their debt, their income can make your life as an entrepreneur easier or frankly impossible.