I’m Joe, I was 25 when we started this adventure. I graduated from UC San Diego – home of the Tritons – majoring in Biology – Neuroscience. Throughout the course of my life I’ve pretty much tried it all. I studied American Kenpo growing up – I can proudly say I’m an Ed Parker blackbelt. My first job/high school job was coaching at California Sports Center up north for Dave Peterson. During college I tried my hands at bioengineering, computational neuroscience research, emergency medicine, I was a coxswain for a top 25 NCAA Men’s Rowing Team, I got involved with student politics, and student life.

After college I worked for an amazing regional non-profit – CONNECT – for two years where I was lucky enough to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship from some of the most successful individuals in and around San Diego. After my time there, I self taught myself web design to pay the bills.

And now I’m here – currently owning and operating the San Diego UNITED Training Center with my business partner who also happens to be my brother.

I’m where I am now because of relentless drive and passion, determination almost to a fault, and the support of amazing people around me.

I hope this blog can serve as a source of information and inspiration to all those that elect to go the route of entrepreneur.