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Puffer Fish, Peacocks, Toads, and Owls all have one thing in common – they are great at making themselves appear bigger than they are.  Here’s where we as the small business entrepreneur can learn from nature’s great actors.  Be the puffer fish.

No matter the industry, people will experience your business in a variety of ways: website, social media, driving by, calling in, walking in, etc.  It’s important to do what you can to appear professional and established.  Obviously, the real answer here is money.  With enough money, you can buy the best of anything. Mission accomplished. But how do you do the same thing on a budget? Here’s some suggestions:

Professional Logo and Website Design on a budget
Technology has come so far, it’s so easy to do your logo and website right.  WordPress or Squarespace, Themeforest or TemplateMonster. There are plenty of resources for professional looking and available tools.  Don’t get me wrong, you will never do better than an expert. It’s why they cost so much.  But you can fake it until you get there.

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Kids on Social Media

When last we left, I was facing an embarrassing and damaging Yelp review.  Put up by and angry youngster.

I ended up filing a complaint with Yelp and can happily say – as of yesterday – the post has been removed.  It apparently violated their “content guidelines”.  Specifically:

Thanks for contacting Yelp.

We have removed the review by Max P because as written, it falls outside our Content Guidelines. If the user chooses to edit his review and it no longer falls outside our guidelines, we will allow it to remain on the site.

Yelp User Support
San Francisco, California

So I guess a thank you is in order for Lucy.

I have no answers for the problems of youth and social media other than to say it must be thought about, realized, and accounted for.

Luckily, this one worked out in our favor.