Currently, my business empire stretches into 3 major spheres:

  1. San Diego UNITED Training Center – Purchased in 2010 for 30k, tripled revenue to ~$600k in 3 years. Working towards goal of $1 million in yearly revenue. ~300 reoccurring athletes/families, several thousand more walk-in, drop-in athletes. Signiture event is True Movement, an urban athletic cross-over jam for breaking, tricking, and parkour. Largest of it’s kind.
  2. Victory Gymnastics Academy – Finalized purchase in 05/15 $175k 5 year term seller-financed deal. ~400 reoccuring athletes/families.  Traditional gymnastics setting.
  3. Cagey Investments, LLC – Holding company currently in possession of 10,210 sq/ft commercial real estate property currently being leased by San Diego UNITED Training Center. Appraised value ~$1.5 million
  4. Importer/Reseller for AirTrack Factory Products – Finalized agreement in late 2013.  Sales to begin in 2014. Currently, projecting 100 sales in 2014.
  5. This Blog! – No current revenues.